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Wooden stairs

Wooden stairs

Wooden stairs - is a raisin in the interior of each house, which retains heat and it gives comfort.

Firm "Med" offers services of manufacturing of wooden stairs to order. Years of experience of our trained professionals, modern high-tech equipment on the basis of our woodworking shop, wooden stairs allow any level of complexity and design (curved, spiral, straight stairs). For the manufacture of ladder structures using only eco-friendly high-quality material - wood. We sell a ladder, depending on your requirements, such wood as oak, ash, spruce and pine. Our designers will createaunique original project, in accordance with the style of the interior of your home and furniture. Stairs with warm colors of wood will create comfort and warmth in your home. Light colors will make the wood structure is not only an ideal complement home but also enable visually expand the space in your room.

Wooden stairs are not just a necessity, but also a decoration of every home - is the main element of the design of multi-storey houses, offices, and hotels.

The main advantage of wooden stairs production firm "Med" is that they have an optimal ratio of quality and price. Stairs made of wood a magnificent view of the inherent strength and absolute safety of movement. Such ladder is easy to clean and does not require a lot of time-consuming.

Wooden stairs

Order wooden stairsyou can contactthe manager of our company or our employees woodworking shop, phone numbers listed on the site. Our experts will provide you with the necessary information about ordering and payment, as well as help determine the choice of the design ladder and wood species for its production.

Cooperation with the company "Med" - a guarantee of quality service, to achieve the desired result and favorable pricing.