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The wood-fibre board WFB

Choosing the material for insulation and cladding of the building we propose several options, which must comply with the appropriate material. For example, the optimal cost, good thermal properties, moisture resistance, sound insulation, aesthetic beauty, and so on. What can serve in this case, the ideal solution for insulation and cladding of your building? Of course, only the most environmentally friendly and natural facing material the wood- fibre board or MDF.

The wood-fiber board basically is the most suitable material for insulation and cladding of buildings and structures from almost any building materials. Moreover, its value also lies in the most convenient format, ease of use, relatively inexpensive cost and high-quality thanks to the natural basis. Usually, the wood-fiber board can produce with the help of several technologies that require hot, wet or dry embossing sawdust, soaked in a special solution, which allows you to make this material particularly warm and durable to use on all types of buildings. Exterior hardboard is also dependent on its main purpose. For example, a plate with a polished or glossy face is often used for covering furniture, and plate with a matte or convex surface may well be suitable for cladding buildings and decoration of interior spaces.

If you want to use the high-quality material in the construction, and at the same time the most economical insulation and decoration material, wood- fibre board is a rational decision, which will be most beneficial for you in almost any situation. Vinnitsa firm "Med" offers a stunning range of the most natural and environmentally friendly materials for construction, insulation and finishing works. We have created for you the best choice of a variety of materials in all formats that are available for each customer and bring the desired effect in the construction and decoration experienced connoisseurs of European quality!