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The Bath’s doors

The Bath’s doors

If you are building a sauna on the site, or design saunas, you probably know that the choice and preference for steam room’s door must be approached on the basis of the financial capabilities and needs. Usual and classic materials for bath’s door is wood.

Doors made of wood for the bath are the best choice they have a long period of service, excellent performance (insulation and heat), as well harmonize with any design baths and saunas emphasize originality. Depending on the type of wood, wooden doors stand out for its natural coloring used in their production, and are distinguished by their unique shape and always elegant and have a rich look.

The firm "Med" offers manufacturing of doors in a steam room to order. Order the door to the bath of European quality, absolutely all sizes, and shapes, in various price categories and design can be with us! The use of high-strength, reliable, environmentally friendly natural materials, as well as a modern, high-tech equipment the main priorities of our company.

The most appropriate to produce the bath’s doors of lime, and alder. Wood of conifers species at high temperatures in the steam room will allocate resin with considerable heat. Therefore deciduous wood is preferable. Of course, for doors that lead to the dressing room, pine rock is suited, because the temperature in this room is not raised to such an extent as to isolate the resin. Doors for baths and saunas made from lime wood, not prone to deformation and highly tolerant to strong temperature changes. Lime has a pleasant aroma and a great argument in its favor is the relative affordability.

An important role is also played the design of the bath’s door. The doors in a steam room must open outwards is determined not only by the rules of fire safety but also the fact that the wooden door opens inward, admits much more cold air than a door that opens outward.