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The jesting beam

The jesting beam is one of the most popular materials for interior and exterior. In the west, these types of skins that imitate beam and cylinder log acquired wide popularity. A similar trend applies to the territory of Ukraine. For example, a block-house is more like big cylinder log and timber imitation looks like crowns, built of timber. Leading experts prefer it to simulate the timber because it is simple and relatively economical material.

What does the concept of imitation of timber?

As an analog of euro deal board, the jesting beam differs from it by the thickness (which can be up to 35 mm) and the profile. Using such a timber will significantly reduce material costs, which in turn is an important factor today.

The jesting beam

The imitation timber is one of the variants of the wall panel, sheathing board, which is made using the trim is not only house made from a bar, but the house of reinforced concrete, from foam blocks. Boarding, this material creates a kind of house built of wood. Profile of beam trapeze which in the assembly resembles beam.

Often use the jesting beam from pine and spruce for the walls of different frame structures, both inside and outside. These materials are characterized by low thermal conductivity and increased noise insulation. The rooms in which the walls and the interior walls are covered with timbers remain natural, healthy microclimate because these rocks can accumulate excess moisture. Unlike the lining, which may be a wall sheathing vertically and horizontally, the beam is mounted horizontally only, superimposed on a layer of thermal insulation material. Practical and standard connection "tongue and groove" greatly simplifies the installation process and at the same time prevents the appearance of gaps between surfaces.

Application of the jesting beam will give your house or domestic premises more presentable and attractive appearance. You can also give a completely new, fresh appearance of your many years of construction, make paneling similar material. You will not only refresh and heat your home, but you can do it in the shortest time possible at reasonable prices. Simplicity and practicality of using timber help to quickly and easily perform the installation.

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