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The floor board

The floor board is one of the most popular and traditional types of flooring. In recent years, the material from the different types of wood widely adopted for the manufacture of floors on the territory of Ukraine. As a rule, flooring is made of solid spruce and pine wood and is ideal for the design of the cottage, country house or just the apartment and everything for floors in offices, factories, loggia, and so forth.

The wooden floor will create a special coziness, which also will decorate your hearth and will bring warmth and health. This wooden board provides impeccable sound insulation. The thickness of the board is virtually impossible to strain under the weight of a man, so the coating copes with its task. One of the important factors to attract customers to purchase exactly the wooden cover is the most optimal price-performance ratio.

The floor board

The floor board has a thorn-groove in cross-section, as well as a wide range of thicknesses and lengths. This technology allows a clear and easy to join boards, and as a final result, the client gets a smooth and beautiful floor with a high packing density without any differences in height. Modern technologies and high-quality equipment allow to performing the processing of wood by making the board a perfect geometric shape, without surface defects (chips, cracks, knots, wormholes). The main requirements for laying flooring is a prepared substrate, it must be solid, dry, smooth and above (tolerance 2 mm 2 meters square). Unacceptable laying boards on the unfixed linoleum, old wooden floor, as well as on the soft carpet.

Our firm offers the manufacture and sale of floorboards from the needles (pine, spruce), also oak and ash. For the production, these types of wood are used, as they provide maximum wear resistance, moisture resistance, as well as among the most durable and reliable finishing material. Our experts will help you choose the most suitable option for laying your object. The modern selection offers a pretty wide product range, which in turn can be a problem for the customer, faced with this for the first time.

The floor board made of our company, quickly and securely connected, which in turn frees from any problems and difficulties during installation. We guarantee quality and timely execution of orders. Our managers will provide you with all the necessary information and answer all your questions.