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The manufacturing of board

The manufacturing of board

The manufacturing of boards and different one of active branches of our company. In recent years, interest in wood and all kinds of wooden products has increased tenfold. The main reason for the popularity and currentness the use of this material is its environmental friendliness, as well as a safety measure during construction have a modern, highly technical material enables a wide range of works from the wood. Among the services offered manufacturing of deal board, euro deal board, imitation beams, flooring board and more.

Quality equipment manufactures boards for individual customer order. If, for example, you are looking for beams of pine or oak, to the outer or inner skin, or you need a high-quality decking, our company can help you. In the production of boards used a variety of types of wood, depending on and in accordance with its designated use. One of the most popular, is considered to be conifers, as they are characterized by distinctive mechanical and external properties. Resistant to cracking and rot, texture, high strength are key factors.

Our company offers the manufacture of boards of the following wood species:

  • Pine
  • Spruce
  • Oak
  • Ash

Choosing wood for a very important her appearance. The main indicators is the lack of wormholes, knots, rot or any other defects. For the manufacture of boards we carefully select raw materials, and then proceed to the subsequent processing steps. The wood is dried on special equipment that helps maintain the natural moisture level.

The manufacturing of board

Manufacturing boards depending on the method of processing board can be unedged and edged. Unedged board is a board, whose edge saw up partially or not at all saw up. This type of board is characterized by the presence of bark on the side edges. Typically, such a board is used for carpentry external works: for cladding elements of load-bearing structures, floaring, planed parts, etc. Eaves boards more popular form of the construction market.

Applications in the construction of various boards. It can be all kinds of sheathing, interior and exterior works, manufacturing of fences, gazebos, pergolas, building houses, and much more. Modern technology and quality equipment helps you manufacture boards in a short time in the best quality. Any board, regardless of the type of installation, easy to install and does not create any difficulties. In addition, the wood is rightly recognized as one of the most reliable and eco-friendly materials.

Please contact our managers for the order and for any additional information. We guarantee high quality and fast deadlines.