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Manufacturing of the deal board

Manufacturing of the deal board

Manufacturing of the deal board one of the services provided by our company. To date, the number of all kinds of decorative materials provided in large quantities. But how to make the right choices and not to miscalculate? Solid timber oak, pine, ash and ate very successfully and actively used during the finishing works in homes and apartments. The advantages of this material is the durability, reliability, and most importantly it's eco-friendly products and a beautiful appearance.

The deal board is one of the varieties of high-quality wood material for plating. Being a fairly economical material, lining allows you to make a variety of finishing works with minimal time and expense. The popularity and relevance of the use of this type of material are in its universality, namely lining is ideal for both external and internal cladding.

For the manufacturing of the deal board used wood species such as ash, oak, lime, pine and spruce. The deal board is finishing with turned grooves and specially treated the outer surface. Using deal board, you get durable material with an easily treated surface, which does not rot, and provides sound and heat insulation, while hiding flaws walls. Ideal for finishing the ceilings, walls and floors. The wood is an eco-friendly material, which creates the most favorable and absolutely healthy microclimate in your room because the wood is characterized by the property of absorption and evaporation of moisture into the environment when the level of humidity.

The main advantages of using the deal board:

  • Environmentally friendly material
  • Adjusts the level of humidity in the room
  • Stores all the basic useful properties of wood
  • Performs a decorative function
  • Creates a healthy and favorable environment
  • The ideal ratio price-quality

Convenience and practicality of use made deal board do not create problems during installation. The process of finishing deal board is the procedure not complicated and takes a minimum of time. Once installed the first board, the rest are attached by installing spikes. Fastening materials for the cladding are lining mounting clamps, stapler’s bracket. Nails and decorative screws.

Manufacturing of the deal board

The deal board will give your room a unique species, create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort and will last for many years while maintaining the original appearance. Please refer to our managers, who will provide you with all the necessary information regarding the material prices.