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The design of the arbor

Wooden arbors are always popular with the owners of garden and countryside’s yard. With elaborately made and decorated by colorful wooden arbors yards estates and palaces, as a family-friendly outdoor arbor could allow everyone to feel an incredible surge of strength, vigor, and energy. Since then, design arbor virtually unchanged, although interweaving of different cultures and rich imagination of our people turned the light and outdoor arbor in a large-scale, sophisticated and powerful construction.

The design of the wooden arbor can include not only woven walls and roof, and a dirt floor, solid vaults and even windows. Arbors can be used not only for the summer but even for a winter holiday if they are made on a well-designed and contain the insulation of walls and floors. Depending on the style, the design of the arbor is different sharpness of lines of detail and natural decor that makes all the buildings belonging to a particular style of construction. For example, arbor in the oriental style is very simple and easy by design. They include only the basic elements of the classical arbor and distinguished feature of the roof structure and a relatively low ceiling, which looks more like a decorated tent. Western Buildings format require more dirt design wooden pergola, which is not rare to observe more than strong walls and roof, with sharp lines and clear outlines, which is characteristic of virtually all European structures.

If you have chosen the design of the arbor to contact the firm "Med", which is guaranteed to provide you with the best and most rational for execution of the project pavilions, as well as be able to provide you with the most affordable and high-quality construction, insulation, fasteners and finishing materials for best prices. With us, any arbor’s design will be a real masterpiece and a great addition to your personal recreation, comfort, and convenience.