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The frame’s fixing

Quality installation of the roof - this is one of the most important types of construction works. To the roof was not broken or torn by strong gusts of wind, the roof frame must be securely and permanently connected to the building box. Secure mounting trusses interconnected roof frame provides rigidity, acquiring a strong truss system. In the manufacture and assembly of truss system, it should take into account the different structural and architectural nuances of the project, as well as to carry out a rational selection of the material of which will be made the rafters.

Today, the most common in the construction of houses and country cottages used truss system of the timber, characterized by high quality, ease of manufacture and ease of installation. When mounting roof system also used an additional securing elements such as:.. Screws, nails, bolts, clamps, etc. Such fasteners are used as rafters to fasten and to amplify the entire bearing structure of the roof. Related to each other details of the roofing provide roof trusses, which is a foundation established with triangles.

Production Enterprise "Med" is specialized in the manufacture and installation of wooden rafters. With the help of its own, automated technologies, experienced masters of the company "Med" in the shortest possible time, quality produce reliable truss design, the best types of wood - ash, oak, pine and spruce. To extend the performance of the truss system, the wood used carefully goes through all necessary processing steps. The important role played in the process of processing used, high-quality antiseptic agents, which have a direct impact on the duration of the life of the entire roof.

Implement the order for manufacturing and fixing of rafters can be managers of our company. We guarantee high quality of the rafters and roofing works carried out, as well as affordable and reasonable prices. Wooden rafters from the company "Med" the manufacturer meets the criterion of "price - quality".