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Ash boards buy

Ash boards buy

Ash board buy is one of the most popular services on the modern construction market. Numerous species of ash grow in Europe, the Far East and America. Due to the properties of the rocks, ash refers to one of the most valuable species.

The principal characteristics of ash timber are following:

  • Lack of flakes
  • Toughness
  • A low level of fissure
  • Original texture
  • Pleasant shade

Original trends in interior design and exterior dictate the rules. One of them has a decoration of houses and apartments with wood. This applies to both internal and external cladding. To date, the client has a wide product range of all kinds of materials from wood.

Ash boards buy

Ash board buy is a very advantageous solution, as the material is characterized by high technical parameters. So, for example, the hardness of ash several times higher than the oak. Quite often ash is used for flooring in houses, offices, etc. as specificity is its elasticity. In addition, ash perfectly amenable to mechanical processing.

Treating of ash must be a very sensitive approach to the issue of drying. This raw material is subject to cracking, so the drying must be carried out very carefully and slowly.

Excellent operational and technical characteristics of ash you can use it to produce a variety of wood products. Our firm offers processing and sale of goods and ash timber. According to individual design, we accept orders for manufacturing goods from ash, among them:

  • Parquet
  • Flooring
  • Solid floorboard
  • Deal board
  • Euro deal board
  • Imitation of beam (False beam)

Manufacturing of processing and manufacturing of wood products made with modern, highly technical equipment that allows carrying out orders in the best quality and in the short term. Our experts will answer all of your questions and provide you with all the necessary additional information.