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Small forms of arbors

Small forms of arbors

You have a countryside yard, a beautiful wooden house, but still in the overall composition of your landscape design something is missing? The firm "Med" would help you transform your estate.

We offer you to enjoy a variety of gardens facilities that remarkably fit into the style of your site, and will fit harmonious elements of your property.

Thanks to experienced masters and modern special technologies, our company performs a range of various services for the production of a variety of wood products, including wooden houses, cottages, saunas or bathhouses. We offer custom manufacturing of architectural constructions:

  • wooden chalet pergola (garden shed, gazebo with brazier or;
  • arbors for cafes and restaurants;
  • small forms of arbors (summer outdoor arbor, children's arbor, gazebo, bench.)
  • closed garden houses;
  • pergolas, and so on.

Designers of our firm will take care about your choice and help to adapt it to your yard exterior, giving the final touch to all its paintings.

The firm "Med" has various forms and styles of wooden arbors. Small forms arbors, recently took a leading place among our customers. These arbors are often bought for outdoor terraces of cafes, restaurants, recreation centers, and so on. Cozy small construction will be the best area for the rest of your clients and tourists.

Small forms of arbors

Wooden arbors, performed in the same original style, personal design projects, will add personality to your possessions, solidity and unique atmosphere. Natural texture, flavor combination of wood, fresh air, and the smellof grass will become the hallmark for your cafe or restaurant.

The small forms of arbors and in the country, in the garden or on the patio suburban area. In these pavilions can be wonderful to relax, inhaling the aroma of summer flowers, breakfast, lunch and dinner, surrounded by nature.

Collaboration with the managers of the company "Med" help you to order manufacturing services landscaping facilities desired configuration. We offer quality and favorable conditions of cooperation.