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Solid floor board

Solid floor board is one of the most traditional and popular material for flooring. The modern market of floor covering, among other items, offers solid wood floor. The practice of using flooring used throughout the world. The reason for such a common operation is primarily a perfect ratio of "price-quality."

In comparison with many other equally high-quality floor covering, the price of solid floor board higher, but do not forget that the material occupies a higher position. Namely, a high level of operational quality, ecological purity of raw materials, as well as beautiful appearance, which will give your interior a unique cozy and pleasant atmosphere. Massive flooring ecological product, which will also positively affect the health and mood of all the inhabitants of a house or apartment.

Made solid floor board from solid wood , which is without any exaggeration, and is the cleanest in respect of environmental building materials. When processing raw materials, wood is treated, impregnated with special compounds that may help prevent the destruction of wood by various pests and fungi. Floor covering similar material gives the interior a truly "prestige" of the form. Thanks to a reliable thickness of the board, which can sometimes exceed a thickness of 40 mm, can be sanded repeatedly floor, the probability of causing any damage to the appearance of the floor is completely absent.

Among other benefits of the solid floor, board is one important point namely easy paving. The procedure itself while fast, is not exhausting and not generally ruinous. We should not forget that one day after putting a similar floor covering you for many years to save yourself from the need to address gender repair. Accordingly, once paid the price of the solid floor board, you insure yourself against any problems in the future and will thus your home health and comfort.

Solid floor board

Our company offers the manufacture, processing and sale of the solid wood floor at the best prices. Modern highly technical equipment quality treated wood in the required timeframe.

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