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Solid wood furniture

Solid wood furniture

Today it is very popular to use for finishing the interior with natural materials, as a rule, it is a tree of different species. Replace solid wood furniture can not no modern, artificial materials, even the most fashionable and stylish. One of the most indisputable and valuable qualities of wood furniture is its environmental friendliness. Robust and reliable furniture created from environmentally friendly natural material, guaranteed not to harm human health, because the use of such furniture has a long history and experience is not the same generation.

Production Enterprise "Med" offers custom-made wooden furniture, own production. Highly professional specialists produce furniture from solid wood eco-friendly, on its own, an automated, high-tech equipment. Thanks to the advanced technological base, as well as extensive experience of masters, and thorough, stringent quality control, produce reliable and high-quality wooden furniture, in precisely these terms, taking into account all the relevant requirements of European standards.

Furniture made of solid wood manufacturing company "Med" has a number of decent properties, positively affecting its operability. Wooden furniture in comparison with furniture made of particleboard and MDF, much more reliable and durable, and therefore has a longer period of application. Due to its natural properties of the wood used is more resistant to moisture, various external aggressors and does not rot.

Furniture made of natural wood texture has a colorful individual, and constantly flatters the eye with its unique and unique patterns that create the annual rings. Wooden furniture - is not only original, fashionable and stylish, but also prestigious. Since wood - a classic and immortal classics - it always was and is the standard of good taste. Solid wood furniture is good for the fact that this piece of furniture would not be contrary to any style, and then easily and harmoniously fit even in the most trendy design.