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About the company

SPE firm "Honey" is specialized in the manufacture of various products made of wood, as well as the construction of wooden houses, cottages, bathhouses and pavilions made of logs and laminated veneer lumber. We offer the service "of construction of wooden houses turnkey". If you need to purchase the building materials of wood, our company will execute any order.

It has long been considered the most prestigious wood and environmentally friendly building material, which allows you to perform a lot of work. Wood allows to combine both quality and centuries-old traditions. Research the current market has shown that the tendency in recent years for the construction of houses lumber and wood products in general, has increased significantly. About the advantages of wood for a long time it is not necessary to interpret, because it speaks for itself.

Firm "Honey" offers production and sale:

  • Wooden doors and windows
  • Production of timber
  • lining Production
  • Production of a block house
  • Manufacturing of boards
  • Drying of wood
  • Otsilindrovka timber
  • Wooden houses, cottages
  • Flooring
  • Sawmill Services
  • Wooden pergolas, arbours

All boards are produced on their own wood processing equipment that allows you to perform a wide range of services. We offer a closed production cycle, for maximum convenience of the Customer. We work with a variety of tree species, carefully check all purchased raw materials and carry out all the necessary work on its handling.

Our price compares favorably with the prices of other companies, as we are manufacturers.