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Parquet board

Parquet board

The construction of the parquet board has long been recognized as one of the most prestigious and high-quality types of flooring. Attractive appearance, ecological purity of raw materials, a high level of operational performance are the main indicators of the product. These characteristics are key when you are selecting the material, and they attract buyers.

Production department of our company perfectly equipped with modern highly technical equipment, as well as all the necessary facilities. They are made by us the product is not only high quality but also affordable cost, it is available to all our customers. The work of our company is based on the following principles:

  • We guarantee high, excellent quality of material produced
  • We produce any volume of orders: producing raw materials for both retail and for wholesale customers
  • Favourable pricing corresponding to the needs of customers who are interested in cooperation and in our products

Floor coverings made from natural materials have long enjoyed popularity and success. Each new era dictated its specific rules, but the preference of wood remained unchanged. Of course, the modern equivalents of coatings considerably different from those that have been widely distributed earlier, but the technical characteristics and functionality of the current product above. Parquet is often compared to a parquet, in fact, the structure of the floorboard are more similar to the laminate. Parquet board is going with the same ease and still several times higher than the aesthetic and the external characteristics of the parquet.

Parquet board also compares favorably in terms of price, and it can afford any interested in this product the customer. The very design of the parquet board is a three-layered board, where each layer performs a specific function. As a rule, the lower layer is made of spruce or pine plywood, the medium is a plank of wood from conifers, which is laid perpendicular to the wood fibers of the first layer. The ridges and grooves, which are required in order to interconnect boards are also in the middle layer. The final top layer is a cut of more valuable species of wood because it is at this layer is responsible for the beautiful appearance, as well as the duration of the operation.

Using the floorboard as a floor covering, you not only significantly save their finances, but also get a pleasant atmosphere of the interior, which is created using natural materials. Parquet board does not require special nursing care, and over time becomes, even more, consistency and identity.

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