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The wooden rafters

The wooden rafters are load-bearing structures of the roof. As a rule, the rafters are the boards that are the backbone of the roof and set at an angle to the construction of the wall. In the method of manufacturing rafters and roof structure affects the shape, the location of the vertical rack, as well as the garret floor. Rafters can be divided:·

The wooden rafters

  • The sliding rafters;
  • The suspension girder;
  • The rafters with intermediate support.

The sliding rafters are used mostly on the roofs of timber blocking in order to compensate for shrinkage of the wood in the first season after the frame to be installed. Title the sliding rafters occurred due to the fact that the bearing trusses performed only on the ridge element (beam or logs), and the connection with the walls occurs by means of special sliding mechanisms.

The main feature of the rafters with intermediate support are supported with one end on wall plate, or directly on the load-bearing walls and on top of the wooden rafter connected ridge beam, which is supported by special raskosinami, racks and "gusset".

The suspension girder are the most complex embodiment of the rafters. The main structural element of suspension systems - farm. Supporting such a system comes to the external load-bearing walls. Internal hinges create the likeness of the lattice.

The wooden rafters

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