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Desiccation of wood

Desiccation of wood

Desiccation of wood is an important and necessary process in which, by evaporating all the moisture is removed from the timber. The main role in this process is the conversion of raw material, timber in the competitiveness industrial products. Thus, from natural raw materials becomes a high-quality building material with high physical-mechanical and biological characteristics and properties. The manufacturing base of the company has a highly technical quality and reliable modular drying, which can be dried edged and unedged timber, regardless of the type of wood. For the process of the respective mode is selected (soft, normal or forced).

What are the main advantages of modular drying:

  • Drying of logs
  • Well-functioning, automated computer control of drying specified algorithms
  • Drying does not have to be filled completely (it can dry the required quantity of timber)
  • Cycle time can be reduced, but the quality of sawn timber does not become worse.

Work drying well adjusted and configured: automatic adjustment and control of humidity and temperature in the chamber; both automatic and manual fan control, which is the supply of coolant. Our company guarantees the high quality of dried wood. Thanks to fine-tuning settings and modes, we produce a reliable product that meets all the accepted standards.

In industrial applications, various methods for drying wood. This may depend on the equipment used, and the individual characteristics of the heat transfer dried wood. In order to secure the best drying results, you must consider several important factors, including the right, good stacking material; uniform air distribution between bursts with packed stacks, for this, it is recommended to use special air dampers. An important role is also played by the installation of powerful fans that provide the speed and used sufficient air circulation.

Desiccation of wood

Desiccation of timber can significantly increase the strength of the wood, as well seasoned wood is more durable and able to withstand the various mechanical load. In addition, the wood becomes biologically resistant. Desiccation of timber is a necessary and essential step in the process of woodworking and sawmill. By using such methods, the wood is protected from multiple lesions destroying fungi, environmental factors, climatic conditions, and easily tolerates long-term storage and transportation. This also prevents the change of shapes and sizes of the boards during the manufacturing process and further operation.

Production of our company is equipped with all necessary modern equipment, which guarantees the quality of wood drying. The available modules modular drying as much as possible is sealed for moisture and heat. With all necessary and powerful equipment, we guarantee high-quality drying of raw material, which then allows producing reliable and solid timber, with high performance, with an attractive appearance, and while maintaining the natural beauty of the texture.

We closely follow the latest trends in the development of the construction market, and try to produce exactly the products that best meet all the needs and requirements of the client. Since we are manufacturers of a wide range of items of wooden goods, the price of our products and services, including timber drying, favorably differ from the prices of other organizations. We also guarantee the timely and proper execution of orders, regardless of the level of complexity. To order or for more information, please contact our managers by phone.