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Sawmill service

Sawmill service

Sawmill service offers the firm "Med". Production halls are equipped with a number of modern high-tech equipment that allows high-quality, accurately and quickly process and produces numerous types of lumber. Our company has its own large-scale production base, where we carry out the wood cutting band saw on the log, the board and the rail, then move the material in the modular drying, and then make all the necessary stages of work, depending on the order.

Sawmill service is popular and relevant today, as more and more people are interested in natural, environmentally friendly materials. Wood is increasingly used and is suitable for numerous repair and construction and decoration works. Natural wood is also very successfully used for the production of furniture facades, various interior items, as well as for the production of promotional products. All these services are provided by our company. We have all the necessary resources through which carried such a wide range of services.

Sawmill service is available in two variants: we accept the order to perform cutting off its own raw materials, or else, our client can simply use machines sawmill with his own material. Today, sawmill services are very useful and is in great demand, as they quickly and accurately sawn logs for quality boards and beams. Given the fact that it is the primary sawing logs key point, which determines the future quality of the final product, namely band sawmill can provide accurate and gentle sawing wood.

We offer our customers the highest quality products, which pass through all the necessary stages of processing services, including sawmills, modular drying, etc. Production, woodworking shop of our company is equipped with highly technical equipment that allows to produce various kinds of materials made by sawmill such as:

Sawmill service

  • Floorboard
  • Deal board
  • Block house
  • Round log
  • Rail

We carry out work with such wood species as spruce, pine, ash and oak. Production of a modern modular drying, which is designed for edging and trimming of lumber from any wood species. Drying can be operated in 3 modes: soft, normal and forced mode. This modular design allows simplifying the delivery and installation of the material. The quality of dried wood depends on clear and correct set modes and parameters settings. We guarantee to our clients only high quality and reliable product. We use technology and equipment guarantees high output drying of wood, with the breed and category of timber does not matter.